The Mighty Mountain

I love the interface between Mount Prometheus and Fortress Explorations at Tokyo Disney Sea.  One is a towering volcano--the "weenie" of the park, taking the iconic and attention-getting role that the castle does in Magic Kingdom parks.  The mountain itself is part of a mystical land themed to the science fiction writings of Jules Verne.  And yet, juxtaposed against the Italian garrison of Fortress Explorations, Mount Prometheus seems like something out of the Sicilian countryside.  It's crazy to imagine that Disney decided to build a whole artificial mountain as part of the park ambiance, but that's precisely the sort of large scale endeavor that Imagineers have always done to achieve a vision--be it the Matterhorn at Disneyland or Expedition Everest at Disney Animal Kingdom.  And we the Disney guests get to admire the resulting beauty!

Mount Prometheus towers above the rooftops of Fortress Explorations in Tokyo Disney Sea.

A ride vehicle from Journey to the Center of the Earth comes hurtling out of the volcano and down its climactic drop.


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