Douce Nuit

It's the first Sunday after New Year's Day, which means at the Disneyland Resort, it's the final day of the holiday season.  After tonight, the garland and Christmas trees will start to go away (some faster than others) as the parks switch from the winter holidays to their next seasonal attractions. 

That means for this blog, this photo marks the last Christmas photo of the season, until we start the cycle all over again in November.  So enjoy this glimpse at Disneyland Paris after hours.  My trip to the park a couple of months ago allowed to me fulfill the not-goal of visiting every Disney theme park during a Christmas season, which means I definitely have a good amount of fodder for Christmas content for years to come. 

For sheer majesty and elegance, though, it will be hard to beat Euro Disney, though!

After hours on Main Street at Disneyland Paris.


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