The Still of Thunder Mesa

Ladies and gentlemen, we've made it to a new year (and to most, a new decade)!  Happy 2020 to all of you!  Can you believe that this blog has been going for seven and half years now?  That's three quarters of a decade of Disney parks photos from all around the world.  Never, when I started this blog back when Cars Land opened at Disney California Adventure did I actually expect to be carrying this into a new decade, and yet here we are! 

Today's post comes from my trip this past November to Disneyland Paris.  It was my third trip overall and first in five years, and though the visit had its ups and downs, it still yielded some great photographic moments, including this shot I was able to get of that mysterious Phantom Manor in the distance, looming on the hill, as the steamship, Molly Brown, sat docked at the edge of the water.  It's such a moody shot, evocative of a variety of emotions, and I thought it was fitting in a non-traditional way to mark the new year and new decade... the reflection of a time period passed, and the hopes and dreams of a new start for another.

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful new year and a terrific new decade!

A quiet nighttime scene harkens at Thunder Mesa.


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