The Majestic Sea Cruiser

My favorite way of describing just how ridiculously detailed Tokyo Disney Sea is involves the S.S. Columbia, in American Waterfront.  It's a romantic steamship that isn't technically full size, but it's large enough to pretty much look that way, especially in the distance, docked along the pier, literally at the edge of the ocean--or at least Tokyo Bay.  This grand piece is literally theming!  Well, it's got a beautiful lounge space inside, and it's the backdrop of one of Disney Sea's many shows.  But for all intents and purposes, it accents the atmosphere of the land.  How incredible is that?  The owners of Tokyo Disney wanted something that evoked the golden age of trans-Atlantic oceanliners, and the Imagineers basically designed something in the style of the Queen Mary.

Need any more proof this is truly the Sea of Dreams?

The S.S. Columbia looks as majestic as any classic cruiseliner!


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