A Jungle in Japan

Guests queue up at Tokyo Disneyland's Jungle Cruise.
Tokyo Disneyland is a time capsule of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, frozen in time.  Although that is changing with the Fantasyland expansion, the rest of the park features must of Disney's greatest hits--kept in pristine condition. 

One of the most interesting examples is the Jungle Cruise.  It's the same exact version as Disneyland's, but in Japanese.  The loading dock station is a little different--with a nice tower that makes for a more iconic attraction.  But the experience features the same beats through the various rainforests and jungles for the world, past bathing elephants, lost safaris, charging hippos, and even some restless natives. 

This means that one doesn't have to actually understand Japanese to understand what's going on, as long as one has been on a Jungle Cruise in the States.  It's only the puns and punchlines that are missed--and truth be told, I'm not completely sure they use puns in the Japanese version.  I just know they're very energetic, exaggerated and over-reactive, and pretty over the top. 

And it's wonderful!


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