The Grizzly River Wilderness

There still aren't a ton of places open right now with the novel Coronavirus pandemic still widespread across the country and California cases among those states that are rocketing upward.  Venues are closed, as are theme parks, tourist attractions, and other places that attract crowds.  But something that people can still enjoy?  Nature.  Public lands.  Forests, mountains, deserts.  They're a great place to spread out and enjoy the splendor of this planet.  And for those who have an itch to get away, nature is a nice solution to scratch that itch.

This scene isn't real nature, of course.  It's simulated--a manufactured atmosphere.  But it's certainly evocative and beautiful, and it celebrates the state's magnificent natural resources!

A lazy and quiet turnaround after a climactic, spinning drop at the end of Grizzly River Run.


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