A Most Magical Manor

Mystic Manor is still my favorite Disney ride in the world (yes, just very, very, VERY slightly edging out Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance), and that is largely because its dark ride portion conjures a certain revelry, magic, and childish giddiness that is responsible for the allure that all Disney fans find in the parks.  An original story, this attraction takes guests through the museum/home of Lord Henry Mystic, following the shenanigans that ensue when his loyal but mischievous pet monkey, Albert, accidentally unleashes the powers of a mystical music box that brings all the inanimate objects in the abode to life.  The result is a wondrous, Sorcerer's Apprentice-style adventure where Albert must constantly dodge unintentional dangers and scramble to contain the magic. 

Of course, by the end of the ride, he has--leaving his master none the wiser.  But what a splendid journey it is going along with him!  Here are a few snapshots of various parts of the attraction to illustrate.

Lord Henry Mystic leaves his warehouse of artifacts alone for just one moment...

And Albert opens the box, bringing everything to life.

At first it seems like whimiscal fun.

Any peril is innocuous, like this Greek painting taking an eruption in.

This Medusa in her fairer days hides a surprise.

But when armed display items take on a life of their own, a little bit of danger ensues.

The ride takes guests through exotic settings framed by Lord Mystic's collection.

Poor Albert just can't keep out of trouble!

The climactic scene at the end of the ride is truly spectacular!

The Monkey King presents the mightiest foe yet!

Fortunately, Albert does manage to close the magical music box.

And everything returns to normal.


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