Hatchaway in the Attic

She lurks in the highest room of the antebellum abode, a black widow who has wed five times and been widowed five times.  But perhaps it was intentionally so?  Such is the mystery behind Constance Hatchaway, the ax-wielding bride in the Haunted Mansion who has seemingly left a trail of headless grooms in her wake.  Ambrose Harper, son of successful farmers; Frank Banks, a financial banker; the Marquis de Doome, a French diplomat and former military figure; Reginald Caine, a railroad baron and gambler; and George Hightower, aristocrat and previous Mansion owner--and relative of a certain Tower-tycoon over at Tokyo Disney Sea... all have shared marital bliss with dear Constance, only to meet a cutting demise.  And she doesn't seem to have regretted any of it!

The murderous bride awaits in the attic of the Haunted Mansion.


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