In the Domain of the Monster

Journey to the Center of the Earth is a world-class attraction steeped in mystery, exploration, and a little bit of fright.  It's moody, awe-inspiring, and incredibly immersive, taking guests deep into the depths of the planet, passing exotic, alien-like creatures and epic subterranean landscapes.  All seems well, until a turn brings guests face to the face with arguably the scariest Disney creation in all the Disney parks--the Lava Monster, a ferocious, jagged creature with rocky scales and gnashing teeth and multiple clawed appendages.  It's a terrifying sight, and the roar of the monster adds to the drama.  Fortunately, a quick acceleration sends guest toward a lava tube that leads back to the surface, practically erupting them out of the mighty Mount Prometheus.

Guests return back to the station having escaped--but barely.  Perhaps some secrets are better left undisturbed!

Incredible underground fauna and flora greets guests on Journey to the Center of the Earth.

A massive subterranean chamber opens up.

Somehow, storms are able to form down here!

Storms aren't the biggest worry, though.

Guests have come face to face with the Lava Monster!

That is not a friendly cry.  Best to get out of here!


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