The Haunting Hotel Hightower II

Towering over the American Waterfront, the Gothic and foreboding Hotel Hightower was once a symbol of opulence--a testimony to the wealth and might of Harrison Hightower.  Overlooking the waterfront, with its soaring rooms affording masterful views, the hotel anchored the New York streets below.  But after a mysterious incident that resulted in the disappearance of Mr. Hightower, the hotel fell strangely silent.  Opulent on the outside, it became derelict and dilapidated on the inside. 

There are rumors that Harrison Hightower remains in the hotel to this very day, trapped by some cosmic force somehow.  But no one has every really found him--though recent sightings suggest that there may be truth to those legends after all...

The chillingly beautiful Hotel Hightower is a harbor for spirits and the supernatural.


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