Spookin' by the Halloween Tree

It's not the Halloween season on this blog without a post about the Halloween Tree at Disneyland!  This tribute to all things spooky--inspired by the classic Ray Bradbury poem--is one of those quaint, charming, and loveable features of Disneyland.  Just a lone tree lit up on autumn colors, with pumpkins hanging from its branches. 

It looks best at night, of course, when the tree is illuminated in its warm, harvest colors.  And on the old Mickey's Halloween Party nights, there would even be some skeletal projections at night that seemed to keep it company. 

All of this is a nostalgic reminder back to the days of normalcy... before the pandemic.  I'm definitely bummed that Halloween season will be severely truncated this year, but it's only one year, and it'll return.  So until that happens, I'll continue to just look back, reminisce, and be patient.


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