A French Toad Hall

The scene below is the type that feels like it could be a miniature model, if it wasn't for the lack of a tilt-shift asthetic owing to the fact that this is actually a telephoto image taken from an elevated perch at Disneyland Paris' Fantasyland.  Looking slightly down at Toad Hall, one can take in all the wonderful details of the ornate mansion of Mr. Toad, and its brick walls, thatched roofs, and terraced entrance.  It's such a lovely view that the presence of a buccaneering tower from Pirates of the Caribbean in the background isn't even really distracting.  And I suppose if it was, I always could have given it a bit of a blur--perhaps to induce an artificial tilt-shift view!

The stately Toad Hall as viewed from the distance of the Queen of Hearts Castle at Disneyland Paris.


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