Reflection of Past Haunted Holidays

The last time I visited Tokyo Disneyland, I lucked out at the end of my first night, when a gentle sprinkle provided some great rainy evening photo opportunities throughout the park.  This was fantastic, but also challenging, because the Tokyo Disney Resort does not allow tripods into their parks--taking away the primary tool needed to capture these great scenes in long exposure.  Instead, I had to rely on railings and trash cans to take my night photos, which limited some of the angles I could get.  I made the best out of what I could get, though,a nd one of my favorite photos ended up being this semi-reflective view of the Haunted Mansion with its holiday overlay.  With a lone cast member to the side almost ghostly portrayed, this image provided a moody memory to take away!

The closed entrance of Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare at Tokyo Disneyland, after hours.


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