The Jungle Cruise: Under New Management

Last year's reopening of the Disneyland Resort saw more than just the return of the parks.  It also saw several attractions with refreshes, coming back with new and different scenes than before.  One of those rides was a Day One classic, the Jungle Cruise, which underwent a refurbishment that extended into last summer before reopening.  While part of that involved freshening up the scenes, there were also several portions of the rides swapped out--notably those portraying natives in outdated and caricature manners that were acceptable back when the Jungle Cruise opened in 1955 but have since been deemed culturally insensitive.

This means that the headhunter scenes and Trader Sam, the head salesman of the jungle, have disappeared from the Jungle Cruise.  Instead, a wrecked skipper boat starts a new story just after the hippo pool, leading to a floating Jungle Cruise boat that has been taken over by chimps.  Further on, more apes have examined an airdrop to see what supplies have been misplaced.  And finally, in place of an actual portrayal of Trader Sam's, a very gaudy gift shop still carrying the Trader Sam name has been set up.  This looks like the ultimate location for curios and mementos--if guests could exit the boat at this time.  

Fans of Sam's pet elephant, Ellie, need not fear.  The little tyke is still there, aided by a photographer monkey snapping on-ride photos of cruisers as they pass by!  

A Jungle Cruise boat comes around the riverbend in Adventureland.

All in all, it's a unique refresh that will surely upset some who value the traditional and classic features of the attraction.  But ultimately, we'll all get used to it.  The new animatronics are charming, and the scenes are cute.  Plus, it means new material for the skippers, who might have started running dry with their corny jokes.  Here's a photo tour of the new Jungle Cruise attraction, complete with new scenes!

This cobra holding a shiny orb is the first new scene in the Jungle Cruise, a relatively unheralded addition that allows for new, slithering jokes.

This here is a 500 lb Bengal tiger. It can jump up to 20 feet, but being only 15 feet away, we're safe!

This is Ginger. Beware, Ginger snaps!

These cobras are of the non-orb-holding variety.

Here's the Indian elephant bathing pool. They've all go their trunks on!

This elephant has been showering for over sixty years.  She definitely needs a pachydermatologist!

Uh oh, Squirt, get down! GET DOWN!!

A group of howler monkeys look on the jungle scene.

Oh no, these apes have invaded the camp!

And look at what they've done to the jeep! How will anyone ever get it to turn over?

Don't make any sounds like a banana here.

This here is the African bull elephant, second most feared animal in the jungle next to his mother-in-law.

Now we happen upon the African veldt, home to gazelles, giraffes, gnus, gzebras...

And here's that pride of lions protecting that sleeping zebra! It looks dead tired! We'll let it rest in peace.

The Lost Safari has been freshened up and redone.  But they're still going to regret arguing with that rhino, who always gets his point across.  In the end.

Uh oh, the hippo pool seems more perilous than before.

This old wrecked Jungle Cruise boat is one of only six out of ten that our skipper crashed last week.

The hippo's going to charge the boat!  Good thing it only accepts cash.

These skippers are a little different...

Man, those skippers, always monkeying around on the job!

They're all just a chimp off the old block.

Across from the old natives dancing, more monkeys investigate a dropped shipment.

Well, I wonder where the insects went?

On past the piranhas.

Wilderbeest and a boa, sitting in a tree. H-I-S-S-I-N-G.

A Lost and Found has become Trader Sam's Gift Shop!

There are a lot of curios here!

Souvenirs galore!

Plus, get your picture taken!

I know you're thinking that's just water spray coming from Ellie...

It's snot.

Here are a few nighttime views.



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