The Waterfront Across the Bridge

The incredible thing about Tokyo Disney Sea is that from many angles and views both focused and wide, a substantial portion of the park could pass for real life versions of the ports of call that inspire the Sea of Dreams' many themed lands.  This is especially true at Mediterranean Harbor and American Waterfront, based on parts of Italy and the New York and New England coastline respectively.  The scale, detail, and grandeur that the park encompasses is truly astounding, and photos like the view below impart a feeling of developed waterfront that feels very real.  Of course, being both Disney and Japan, everything presented is a very clean, romanticized version of the inspirations (even the gritty parts).  But that's why it's a theme park.  A hyperrealistic, immaculately themed park--the most beautiful in the world!

A cold holiday night over the harbor at Tokyo Disney Sea.


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