A Springtime Beauty

That classic view up Main Street toward the Disneyland Castle is one that has been eagerly anticipated and cherished for generations.  While the park has changed over the decades, this view has remained largely the same, evolving mostly through the seasons, but repeating in a familiar cycle--each with its own unique character.  When it comes to vibrance, though, springtime might have the most invigorating ambiance of them all, as the pink tones of the Tabebuia trees in The Hub contrast beautifully with the surrounding greenery and complement the similarly-hued tones of Sleeping Beauty Castle beyond.  It's a charming sight, and one that looks especially great in a compressed perspective made possible by a telephoto lens!

The colors of spring shine through the crowd at Disneyland!


  1. Wow! The colors really pop. Nice!

    1. Thanks, Jim! I like the contrast with the pink during this time of year!


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