March Matterhorn Monday Mania

It's Monday, and I thought I'd dedicate today's post to the first modern steel roller coaster in the world, the Matterhorn Bobsleds, at Disneyland.  Make it a #MatterhornMonday... or perhaps a #MatterhornMarch... or perhaps a #MatterhornMania of posts.  This small selection is a glimpse of different angles, settings, and styles from which I've photographed the Matterhorn over recent weeks.  This springtime has proven to provide some gorgeous looks at the peak, with dramatic skies, glamorous light, and lovely foliage helping to frame the mountain in different and fun contexts.  Each of these photos has a different ambiance to it, and I enjoyed crafting different looks for the iconic crag!

The Matterhorn framed by spring blooms.

The Matterhorn in spring with cotton candy skies.

The Matterhorn behind Tabebuia blooms.

The Matterhorn from its entrance side.

The Matterhorn at golden hour.

The Matterhorn in monochrome.


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