Stormy Splash Mountain

A few weeks ago, I was walking by Splash Mountain when I looked over and saw a wonderfully ominous looking sky over Splash Mountain.  Though the attraction is generally light-hearted in tone (despite its racially problematic source material), it can be an imposing ride, with its climactic final drop featured prominently for all to see, and the screams of guests echoing down Chickapin Hill.  With the dusk light adding to the ambiance, I thought I'd edit this shot to enhance the evening drama.  This is not quite my usual style, but I think it turned out fairly nicely!

Dramatic and moody skies loom over Splash Mountain.


  1. Love the pic! It's not the typical Disney. That's what makes it cool.

    1. Thanks! After enough photos, you definitely start to look for new angles, looks, and feels.


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