Spring Blush at The Hub

The Tabebuia posts continue with a return to The Hub at Disneyland and a look at the ambiance around the blooming trumpet trees that have brought a burst of color to the parks.  Rather than looking from afar like on Thursday, though, this post jumps into the heart of Disneyland and offers some springtime scenes from around the center of the park, looking at the Partners Statue, the castle, the Matterhorn, and of course, those blooming trees.  It's such a lovely time of the year and delightfully dreamy.  I hope you enjoy this little photo spread!

Walt and Mickey are surrounded by pink as spring approaches.

The pink Tabebuias go well with Sleeping Beauty Castle too!

They also provide a frame for the Matterhorn.

Post-sunset cotton candy skies help accent things too.

They're just so vibrant and lovely!


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