Dining by the Bayou

Sometimes, life gets serendipitous.  On Sunday, I went to Disney California Adventure with my wife to check out this year's Lunar New Year Celebration.  After taking in the sights and ambiance and enjoying the Lunar New Year Festival Marketplace foods, we headed over to Disneyland to ride some rides.  Our first destination was the Haunted Mansion Holiday, since it would be closing for the season after next week and reverting to the regular version.  While in line, my wife posted a great shot of Jack Skellington outside the Mansion on social media, only to be greeted with a message from a former coworker who was also in the park.  Turns out that colleague and her husband had a Blue Bayou dinner reservation, and they generously offered to see if the cast members at the check-in desk could accommodate two more.  Fortunately, they could, and that is how we found ourselves dining at the Blue Bayou, snagging a great table right next to the water, and spontaneously turning a date into an impromptu double date!

Naturally, I snagged some photos of the pretty restaurant ambiance and the moody views of Pirates of the Caribbean inside this renowned and beloved dining establishment!

It's much easier taking photos of the lovely bayou scene at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean when it's not from a moving vessel!

The hanging lanterns are just part of the beautiful ambiance of the Blue Bayou Restaurant.

The bustling atmosphere and romantic setting really bring a New Orleans charm!

This was my second time dining at the Blue Bayou, and my wife's first!

The waterside views are the best, so. So evocative and enchanting!

Even from here, though, getting a good shot of the old man at the shack is still difficult! Especially without a tripod!


  1. Oh, I love the pics! Blue Bayou is one of my favorite places to eat at Disneyland!

  2. Thanks! I haven't dined there enough to consider it a favorite, but it sure is nice!


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