The Desert Vantagepoint

The sandy shores of the Arabian Coast might seem like an odd choice for a port of call, since the desert haze is typically not associated with water.  But even deserts have their oases, and even places with deserts border the water.  So the Arabian Coast, with its Middle Eastern-inspired themes, architecture, and attractions, is a splendid part of the grandeur of Tokyo Disney Sea.  Although much of the area off of the water is more enclosed and bustling and labyrinthian--like a stroll through the streets of Agrabah--the seaside portion opens up to a calmer and relaxing beach locale with some arresting views of adjacent parts of the park.  The colorful spires of Triton's Kingdom in Mermaid Lagoon and the towering, ever-present form of Mount Prometheus at Mysterious Island draw one's attention from the foreground to the background, and they seem to beckon with more fun and adventures that await!

A pair of water vessels sit idly by the shoreline at the Arabian Coast portion of Tokyo Disney Sea.


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