The Year of the Rabbit

The Lunar New Year is part of a cycle represented on the Chinese zodiac by twelve animals.  Each animal has its own characteristics, and from an astrological sense, these are supposed to imprint on the personalities of people born that particular year.  Today marks the first day of the year of the rabbit (or in Vietnam, the cat).  People born this year or in any multiple of 12 years before this year are gentle, loving, and calm, with a good memory and sensitivity to their friends.  They are typically responsible and cautious, which makes them timid and hesitant to take risks.  But they're hard-working, which can make them successful in their careers.  

To mark the occasion, I figured I would include photos of Disney's five most famous rabbits (in my mind; different opinions will vary, of course).  How many of these characters fit the traditional traits of the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac?

Roger Rabbit... or at least his fountain, outside his Cartoon Spin attraction in Mickey's Toontown.

The White Rabbit has made his important date in Alice in Wonderland.

Rabbit in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, with his friends (this was the clearest photo of him I had from the ride, and I had to dig into the my Shanghai Disneyland cache, because I haven't photographed the Disneyland version much!).

Brer Rabbit is at home in his briar patch in Splash Mountain!

The original Disney rabbit is actually Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, though he wasn't Disney property for many years.  Oswald's Filling Station celebrates the character in Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure.


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