Space Station 77

Deep in the heart of Tomorrowland, a wild rocket ship ride into outer space awaits, and for over four and a half decades, it has thrilled guests with its tumultuous, exhilarating voyage through the dark recesses of the galaxy.  Space Mountain was an instant hit when it opened in 1977, and it remains one of Disneyland's most popular rides even now.  One of the iconic "mountains" of the park, Space Mountain last underwent a major renovation in 1994 that saw its queue completely redone, effects amped up, and a soundtrack added to the ride.  Though there have been further changes to the attraction since then, much of the aesthetic is now nearly thirty years old.  So as we start nearing its half-century mark, one wonders if another thorough overhaul might be in store soon?

Inside the queue as it nears the loading area.

A large space station is docked above the loading dock.

This is what futuristic space was envisioned to be in the 90's, but integration of video media, lighting effects, and general aesthetics have come a long way since then!


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