The Matterhorn Monorail: Disney 100 Edition

The landscaping around Disneyland's 1:100 scale version of the Matterhorn is a lovely, vibrant rendition of the Swiss landscape, with plenty of verdant greenery punctuated by white and purple foxgloves that really bring an alpine freshness and beauty to the scene.  It won't convince a guest that they've been transported to Switzerland, of course, but the elements certain harken to this lovely area of Europe.

One notable interjection to this scene, however, is the Disneyland Monorail track, which runs around the Matterhonr on its way to its in-park stop over by the Finding Nemo Submarine ride.  The monorail itself is a sleek, futuristic-looking transportation that certainly looks nothing like the locomotives that ply the Alps, and they also frequently have special wraps to celebrate current promotions or new events.  Right now, for the Disney 100 celebration, that aspect holds true, as at least one of the monorails has undergone a colorful, iridescent makeover that creates a spectrum of illumination as sunlight casts upon it.  When it comes in front of the Matterhorn, this allows for a very photogenic composition, and in this case, I think the rainbow look fits well with the iconic mountain!


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