A Dark, Stormy Night in Hollywood

After a pretty lengthy amount of time with pretty dry climate, California came under a deluge of rain over the holidays, and this continued on and off through a decent part of last month too.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to make it out to the parks for most of those nights, but I do have a decent repository of older photos taken during or after the rains, including this Hollywood Blvd photo from nine years ago.  On this evening, the sky was still precipitating as I took my after-hours photos, and the rain would occasionally get onto the lens.  While I would have preferred crisper shots, in some cases, the drops made the environment look even gloomier, as though threatening to pass through the camera plane that separates the viewer from the subject.  The photo below may not be technically flawless, but it still takes me back to that very evening!

A rainy Hollywood Land evening from nearly a decade ago.


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