A Toony View of City Hall

There are basic tenets of photographic composition--rule of thirds, leading lines, rhythm, repetition, and symmetry.  And then there is simply the idea of framing and relying on a layering of foreground, midground, and background to create visual interest and lead the eye along a photo.  That's what the photo below has done, taken from a little hill at CenTOONial Park, where the new Dreaming Tree has been planted as part of the revitalized land's new endeavor to encourage play and fun discovery.  This view itself is of a part of Toontown that's remained unchanged from the original (other than new paint), but there is a sense of discovering the angle while wandering around CenTOONial Park to scope out intriguing perspectives.  With the draping tree providing a border and the new hilly mural backdrop shielding the Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway ride building adding color and visual texture, I think this shot has some nice depth and richness to it that generate a fun interest in the view!

The Dreaming Tree frames a view of Toontown City Hall, with the new Mickey and Minnie Fountain visible to the right.


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