Goofy's Confectionary House

Our third Mickey's Toontown reimagined attraction in a row is Goofy's How-to-Play Yard, or specifically for this post, Goofy's house on the property of his new How-to-Play Yard.  Originally, this was Goofy's Bounce House, where children could run inside and enjoy a massive inflatable playground to jump up and down.  Unfortunately, pretty much everyone soon discovered that it's really hard to keep an attraction like this sanitary and sufficiently maintained, so over the years, it became a standing structure that guests couldn't really enter.

Fortunately, the interior of Goofy's House has been transformed into a wild and zany candy factory that emphasizes Toontown's tactile play endeavor.  An almost Rube Goldberg Machine-like series of contraptions allows guests to create candy using colorful balls as ingredients and sending them through a series of tubes and pathways across multiple appliances and equipment.  An oven on one side, a humorously named mixing machine on another, a sorter on the third side, these components encourage kids to push buttons, turn knobs, and take part in a whirlwind manufacturing process of sweets.  The way the Imagineers have redesigned the interior is absolutely Goofy, and the absurd creativity definitely captures this character at heart.

Here are a few photos outside and inside Goofy's House to show off some of the new fancy that guests can find here!


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