The Slumbering Dragon

From one dragon that sadly met its demise over the weekend to another that is quite functional and well--albeit occasionally sleeping, we go to Disneyland Paris to take a peek at one of its many underrated but uniquely cool attractions. La Tanière du Dragon is a walkthrough attraction underneath the Sleeping Beauty Castle that contains a fearsome secret.  In depths beneath the magnificent castle, there is a beastly dragon that is chained to the rocky cavern.  It spends much of its time dozing with wisps of smoke emanating from its mouth and nostrils, but it will occasionally stir and awaken, letting out some intimidating roars and puffing out more smoke.  Fortunately, it seems content in its confinement, so it never tries to break out.  But it's still an awesome sight to behold and a can't-miss for guests looking to get some more unique Magic Kingdom sights.

The dragon under Disneyland Paris' Sleeping Beauty Castle snoozes peacefully in its lair.


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