Florals Around the Hotel

While the Disneyland Paris Hotel is itself a beautifully photogenic and romantically wondrous sight, the plant arrangements around the hotel and theme park entrance are also delightful.  The Mickey Mouse floral is the highlight, of course.  But there are also a couple of fanciful hedge animals on flower beds of their own that seem to be excited and dynamic in their own right.  And with such a lovely backdrop, why shouldn't they be?  The Fantasia-inspired crocodile and dancing hippo make for a fantastic pair, and they seem to be itching to resume their ballet moves right then and there!

The Mickey Mouse floral arrangement is a great photo op in front of the Disneyland Paris Hotel and theme park entrancde.

Behind it, to one side, is a crocodile from Fantasia striking a pose.

On the other, the hippo, the dance partner.

This is just a really cute pairing!


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