Indy's Temple

Today, the fifth and final Indian Jones movie comes out.  Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny looks like a nostalgic and self-reflecting ode to one of the most beloved and classic characters in cinema history, and it's almost certain to be a smash hit this weekend.  To mark the occasion, I'm posting a couple of photos from a different Indiana Jones Adventure--one of the theme park variety, but from Tokyo Disney Sea! Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull is nearly a clone of the original Anaheim E-Ticket, but with a different storyline and a few different effects added on.  But it's just as exciting of a ride, and it arguably has an even more impressive setting--housed in a massive pyramid that looms over the jungle canopy of the Lost River Delta.  Though this movie will mark the final time we see Indy on the big screen, we'll always be able to visit him via Disney attractions around the world!

A massive Mayan-looking pyramid towers above the trees in the Lost River Delta.

It's visible even from afar, like along this riverbank.


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