The Adventureland Treehouse

I don't normally post construction photos on this blog, but the subject matter is something that has been under construction for so long that the state of construction has become almost a permanent fixture.  But tomorrow, the Adventureland Treehouse officially opens after being down since Disneyland reopened after the COVID-19 pandemic closure.  For the past two years, the former Tarzan's Treehouse has been under refurbishment for an unexpectedly lengthy amount of time.  Supposedly, while undergoing its routing maintenance, there was enough deterioration discovered that the attraction required significant reconstruction.  And with such drastic work came the opportunity to go in a new direction.

The new Adventureland Treehouse will take nods from its roots as the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.  However, in this case, an unnamed family has welcomed guests to their aerial retreat.  The attraction will be similar to its predecessors in that it will take guests on a walkthrough tour of a family's survival and thriving in the jungle wilderness.  It will just no longer be themed to any official IP.  

I look forward to checking out this new attraction when I next get a chance to visit the Disneyland Resort!


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