Mickey Avenue Merriment

The period between Christmas and New Year has jokingly become a time of confusion between holidays--past the big crescendo of Christmas itself but not quite at the typical restart of the turning of the calendar to resume order after a busy and festive winter holiday season.  Christmas decorations are still up, many people are still on break, and this time of year serves as a bit of a recharge for some.  But everything's just a bit more lax as the year just winds its way down.

In a graspingly similar way, this photo of Shanghai Disneyland's Avenue M Department Store, which looks like the Carthay Circle Restaurant at Disney California Adventure but isn't quite, parallels the almosts of familiarity.  Mickey Avenue is Shanghai Disneyland's Main Street, but it feels like Buena Vista Street, and it mixes in a bit of Toontown.  It's decorated for Christmas, but not quite as lavishly as the American theme parks do it.  It's a lot of what American Disney fans would recognize, but not exactly. 

At least that's my premise for this blog post's theme, and I'm sticking to it!

A Carthay Circle Theater-esque facade marks this corner of Shanghai Disneyland's Mickey Avenue.


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