Scenes from the Adventureland Treehouse

Yesterday, I said that the holiday posts would continue through January 7th, but I'm taking a brief hiatus to publish these photos that I've been sitting on for a month because they're not holiday-themed.  After three years shut down and over two years of refurbishments, the Tarzan Treehouse reopened last month as the newly-christened Adventureland Treehouse.  Paying homage to the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, this new attraction doesn't follow any particular intellectual property but does tell the story of a family that has had to become self-sufficient and has developed a lovely jungle paradise dwelling.  Complete with a nice sitting area, a music room, an observatory, and even a menagerie.  It's a lovely transformation and a great reimaging of this longtime attraction.  Welcome back, treehouse in Adventureland!

Welcome to the Adventureland Treehouse!

The attraction is new. Except not.

As the old stair entrance that bottlenecked the entrance of Adventureland off New Orleans Square has been eliminated, the route is now the reverse of the old Tarzan's Treehouse.

This is Jane, the pet ostrich of the unnamed family who lives here.

The family is full of artists.

They enjoy music too.

They've collected quite a lot of beautiful furnishings.

And they've made the best of their treetop living conditions.

This bay window offers some pretty but distorted views.

The whole domicile is quite cozy.

The observatory might be the most spectacular part of this whole treehouse.

Look closely, and one may spot some tie-in's to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.

S.E.A. was a mythology originated from Tokyo DisneySea, but it's spread to other Disney parks around the world.

See the book?

The family also has an animal enclosure full of wildlife.

They have befriended and are studying the various species.

Pretty intriguing!

Of course, the treehouse offers lofty views.

There are nice little moments throughout.

Coming back down the treehouse gives guests a look at this nice waterfall.

The kitchen and sitting area is on the ground.

The waterside ambiance is quite charming.

It sure seems idyllic to live in such a setting!


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