Walt's Tree

One of these days, I need to go back and take this photo on a tripod to lower the noise and increase the exposure, but I thought this Main Street Christmas scene was still worth featuring, because it's a tender holiday moment to see the window into Walt's Apartment on Main Street--which always has a lamp left burning all day and night as a reminder of his spirit and memory--featuring a little Christmas tree during the holidays that's lit up and functions as the same intent.  It's nostalgic to think of Walt himself dressing up the apartment back when he was alive, helping bring in the warmth of the holidays to go with his park walks.  For Disney fans, Walt's Apartment is the most tangible link left to the legend, and the symbolism of what one can see through the window keeps his presence alive in his original Magic Kingdom!

A small Christmas tree in Walt's Apartment on Main Street juxtaposes across from the towering Main Street Christmas tree.


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