A Gondola in the Sea of Dreams

Tokyo Disney Sea is a theme park themed to various ports of call--many real, and some imaginary--around the world.  So it makes sense that the park has multiple attractions in tune with the water.  One of the more leisurely but wonderfully enjoyable is the Ventian Gondolas, which provide guests the experience that tourists can get in Venice, but at a much more affordable cost (if you ignore park admission).  It's a relaxing and beautiful experience that starts in the remarkably immersive Venice part of Mediterranean Harbor and takes riders out onto the open harbor itself, with views of Fortress Explorations and Mount Prometheus and the Mediterranean Harbor riviera.  This attraction is incredibly atmospheric, and for those looking for a pause in their busy day, it's a great ride on which to unwind and just savor the Disney Sea atmosphere!

A gondolier navigates guests through the canals of Venice at Tokyo Disney Sea.


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