Mike and Sully and Boo

The Monsters Inc. attraction at Disney California Adventure isn't anything particularly astounding, but it is a cute dark ride that's a much superior experience than its hokey predecessor, Superstar Limo.  Tracing the main story beats of the original and now-classic Pixar movie, it sees Monstropolis being invaded by a human child, and star scarers Mike Wazoski and James P. "Sully" Sullivan trying to return her back to her human world home.  Along the way, they need to keep her disguised to avoid discovery, and their close calls make for some bold and photogenic scenes.  All's well that ends well, of course, and they return Boo home. But not before one heck of an adventure, and some shed tears upon goodbye. 

Sully shields Boo from the Child Detection Agency.

Mike Wazowski doesn't handle things as calmly as Sully does.

Mike and Sully almost reach the doorway that will take Boo back home.


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