A Midnight Tea Party II

When I first started this blog nearly twelve years ago, I quickly set about trying to capture iconic shots at the Disneyland Resort inspired by those of Disneyland fan photographers who I admired.  Late night photo runs were frequent, documenting the Happiest Place on Earth well after hours, highlighting the beauty of the parks.  

But after a while, the customary shotlist grew lesser and lesser, so my attempts at iconic compositions grew less frequent.  But sometimes, it's nice to take another shot at photographic scenes I've taken before, and this after hours scene of the Mad Tea Party is one example.  With newer camera gear, a better knowledge of the settings needed, and quicker editing abilities, this scene took much less time to capture and edit than it did a decade ago, and I think it came out wonderfully luminous and fantastically evocative.  For a ride that is associated with motion and turbulence, the stillness at the end of the evening is a stark juxtaposition.  But it's a literally cool sight to behold--especially with the Matterhorn peeking (and peaking) in the background.

The Mad Tea Party at rest in the night, with the Matterhorn in the background.


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