Dapper Hero 6

A couple Sundays ago was Dapper Day.  Once upon a time, I would take plenty of photos of the various guests dressed in their finest Sunday garb or their most creative Disney Bound outfits, appreciative of the fashion creativity that so many Disney fans displays.  But somewhere through the COVID-19 pandemic, I lost my confidence to just approach random people and ask to take their photos.

Fortunately, I've been fortunate to make friends with some of the members of the Disneyland community who enjoy dressing up for unofficial Disneyland events.  On of them, Cosplay Parents, have become well known for both being life goals (a wonderful, kind, extremely Disney-enthusiastic couple) and being creative and inventive Disney Bounders.  They've also become thoughtful and considerate friends, and I enjoy running into them both randomly and on these unofficial Disneyland events such as Dapper Day.  

On this particular Sunday, Steven and Millie were in the parks in Big Hero 6 garb--Steven dressed as Hiro and Millie sporting a creative Baymax Disney Bound.  Even better, they also incorporated their Japanese heritage and aesthetics into their outfits, making for an absolutely charming and adorable presentation.  We met up during the afternoon and were able to do a little photo session at Paradise Park and San Fransokyo Square to feature their fantastic artfulness and Disney passion, and here are some of the resulting shots!


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