A Thunder Mountain Evening

Today is the 33rd birthday of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  This high speed runaway mine train themed roller coaster ride has been thrilled kids and adults for nearly four decades.  Built over the area previously occupied by the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland, Big Thunder Mountain takes riders on a rapid, twist-and-turns-filled journey through the deserts and canyons of the southwest, racing by animals of all varieties and even through a quaking mineshaft threatening to collapse.

The buttes of Big Thunder Mountain in the evening air.

It's an exceptionally fun ride and certainly one of my favorites, both because of it's fun thrills and its exquisite beauty.  Whether it be day or night, the fantastic theming crafted by the Imagineers creates a majestic atmosphere nicely juxtaposed by the screams of riders hurtling through the course with glee.

The final turnaround of Big Thunder Mountain.


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