Stillness at the Circle

Photography is all about patience. Many times, if you want a great shot, you have to wait for it.  You have to allow the moment to come to you.  You have to allow the composition to unfold.  And so it was on this night, when I found myself with a great angle of Carthay Circle, only I wanted that pristine, "not a soul in it" shot.  And so I waited... and waited... and waited.  It was already past park closing, but a continuous file of people passed by, tired after a long, adventurous day.  And before that trickle could completely close, World of Color ended, which meant a flood of people coming through.

And so I waited. And waited. And waited.  Determined to get the shot, I stood next to the trash can I had turned into my own personal tripod.  I waited for the new flood to slow into a steady flow, which eased into a trickle, and then, eventually, there was enough of a gap to act.

Carthay Circle, long after Disney California Adventure has closed.
I think the photo was worth it.


  1. Oy Chipmunk. Send me a version with your tag on it. So when people ask where the kickass photo on my computer desktop came from, I can refer you business.


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