The Old Stumping Ground

This here is the remains of an old, old tree, from an era much long gone.  Millions upon millions of years ago, this tree stood tall, perhaps some twenty stories, in the forests of what is now Colorado.  But over time, through some fantastic event, it was petrified.  And now, it sits in Frontierland, along the Rivers of America, as a wonderful relic of both the park and of history!

Walt Disney's infamous "anniversary present" to his wife Lilian.

Today is the 100th post on Disney Photoblography, which means much like the tree, this blog has withstood the test of time--or at least three months.  Thank you to all who have supported the site with their compliments and sharing.  Please continue to do so!  Comments on blog posts, retweeting, sharing on Facebook, pinning on Pinterest, and even simple old fashion word of mouth are all greatly appreciated!  Help me continue to build a growing audience, and I'll help you enjoy a piece of magic from the Happiest Place on Earth!  Deal? Deal.


  1. I believe this was Walt's anniversary gift to Lillian in 1957, and she promptly decided to have it placed in Disneyland. Can't say I blame her — a petrified tree is sort of hard to fit into any decor... ;)


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