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It's been a record-setting month at Disney Photoblography, at least with regards to number of photos posted.  So it's only fitting to finish April with another flurry of photos!

Last week, I posted a few overview shots of the new Iron Man Tech exhibit at Innoventions, presented by Stark Industries and featuring the Iron Man armors as seen in the movies.  This time, here are some more detailed shots at exactly what can be found in this exciting new display!

The Mark XLII suit stands front and center, the new showcase of the exhibit.
Behind are older model suits, starting with the Mark I.
The Mark II is an improvement upon the clunky and field-assembled Mark I and retains the silver motif.
The Mark III armor is battle-tested and has sustained plenty of damage from battle with the Iron Monger.
The Mark IV is very similar to its immediate predecessor, with slight tweaks and improvements.
The Mark V armor is portable, fitting into a suitcase, and thus sleeker.
Some firepower is sacrificed to increase mobility, but the armor is still plenty strong!
As seen in Iron Man 2, it's one of the cooler looking armors, in my opinion.
Also from Iron Man 2 is the vibranium-powered Mark VI armor, much improved in all facets over the Mark V.
The Mark VII armor is featured in Avengers film.
It is the most advanced suit yet, at least of those that have been seen on the big screen.
Of course, that will certainly change when Iron Man 3 debuts this Friday


  1. Nice pics. I am excited to check them out. Is there a dressing room to try the suits on?

  2. No dressing room, but you can virtually don the Mark XLII suit in the same exhibit. It uses motion capture to put you into a 3D computer animated version!


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