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Last last Saturday (April 13th), Innoventions unveiled a new attraction--an Iron Man exhibit featuring seven Iron Man suits from the three movies produced by Marvel.  Along with it is an interactive motion capture exhibit that allows guests to virtually don the Iron Man suit and take it for a spin, going through projectile and flying exercises.  The exhibit is pretty neat, especially for comic book and Marvel cinematic universe fans, and this marks the first appearance of Marvel content at Disneyland park.  With Marvel now under Disney's fold, it certainly won't be the last, especially if the popularity of the exhibit says anything.

Different iterations of the Iron Man armor, from the original MK I to the brand new MK XLII, are on display.
It's interesting to see Innoventions busy after so many years of languishing as "that place to go inside when it's hot," but this is definitely a good thing.  I'll post more photos from the exhibit next week, focusing more in detail, but for now, enjoy these overview shots from the hall of armor!

View of the line of armor from the left side
The line of armor from the right.
The newest version in the foreground.
Getting fancy with an artful shot.  The detail and articulation is pretty incredible! Great costuming!


  1. Awesome!

    I'm pretty sure that's just the Mark I on the far left. The Iron Monger suit looks a lot like the Mark I, but it's twice the size. Jeez, I can't believe I just wrote something so nerdy...

  2. You're totally right. I'm embarrassed by the brain fart. I forgot that the Mark I is technically considered the first suit Tony Stark built from literally miscellaneous scrap metal while he was in captivity and such. I've fixed that oversight. Thanks, Matt! =)


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