Some Imagination, Huh?

Ever since it's debut in 1992, FANTASMIC! has held a special place in my heart.  After the first time I saw it, I spent days replaying the triumphant instrumentals in my head, seeing the vivid and memorable scenes of action and adventure and beauty play out.  A magical mixing of music, theater, and pyrotechnics, FANTASMIC! remains my absolute all-time favorite Disney show.  And given its nostalgia value, I doubt anything else will ever replace it.

One of my favorite scenes of the show occurs at the very end, when Sorcerer Mickey re-appears atop the tavern on Tom Sawyer's Island, conjuring a victorious medley of lasers and fireworks to celebrate his vivid imagination.  It's a dazzling display of majestic flourish, and it caps off an unbelievable show that I still make a point to see, even to this day, whenever I'm in the park around showtime.

Sorcerer Mickey re-appears in a burst of pyrotechnics.

He conducts a series of fireworks as the familiar trumpeted refrains resonate throughout the Rivers of America.

Lasers, pyros, and water all burst forth.
It's an exciting and unforgettable ending to a magnificent show.


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