Stopping by Carthay Circle

It's a beautiful thing to see Carthay Circle and its surroundings drenched in wonderful sunlight, looking friendly and inviting and elegant, all at the same time.  This focal point of Buena Vista Street was a high priority during DCA's transformation.  The previous entry land, Sunshine Plaza, featured a fountain, some planting areas, and a large, metallic sun sculpture, but it didn't really tell much of a story, other than, "hey, welcome to California, the weather's great here, isn't it?"  Carthay Circle, though, commemorates the site of Walt Disney's first long-lasting breakthrough, the debut of Snow White, capping the story of Walt's early Los Angeles years.  It's a fitting marker for the story of Walt Disney in California, DCA's new overarching concept, and a wonderful focal point for the park!

Beautiful, sunny, and classy Carthay Circle, with the iconic tower of the Carthay Circle Restaurant behind.


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