A Model of Independence

In the back of the Main Street Opera House, near the doors to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, there is an incredible architectural model on display.  It is a 3/16" to the foot scale representation of the United States Capitol Building, carved out of actual Caenstone from France, built to exacting specifications, and carried out to incredible likeness.  The sculptor, George Lloyd, relied upon actual blueprints of the real building, as well as photographs and drawings to ensure the greatest accuracy, and his endeavor required three years to complete.

Ultimately, though, it was a resounding and highly impressive success.  So I thought this would make for a great model for this year's July 4th post--a testament to American endurance, creativity, and determination! Happy Independence Day, everyone!

A model of the U.S. Capitol Building.

Looking at the model from the front, at an angle.

This is the other angle from the opposite corner of the building.


  1. There is actually an excellent article about Mr. George Lloyd, his carving of this model, and how Walt came to acquire it in the new book 'The Imagineers' Secrets of Disneyland'. In addition to the first-time-ever published back story about Mr. Lloyd and the U.S. Capitol building model, the article contains photos of Mr. Lloyd, something that has never been seen before in any Disney related materials. You can learn more about the book at Disney-Secrets.com


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