Cruising the Winds of Paradise

In photography, there's something called a "pan shot" that basically consists of using a longer-than-usual shutter speed to snap a photo of a moving object, moving the camera (usually in the form of panning as it moves past the stationary photographer) to track the object in motion.  This will result in a neat blurred background and--ideally--a moving subject that is in focus.  It makes for a great, dynamic photo, but as one might guess, is difficult to pull off from the technical side of things.

An alternate is to situation oneself in an object that is already moving and take a picture of an adjacent subject that is moving at the same speed.  Simply focus on the subject, and keep still, and voila!  Blurred background and cool photo!  I'm still working on mastering a true pan shot, but in the meantime, here's the hackers version of that sort of shot.  Cool, eh?

A longer exposure was used to blur the background while keeping the subject relatively in focus.
Looking the other way and making the Golden Zephyr look much faster than it is!


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