Les Tapis Volants

Walt Disney Studios has a spinning flying carpets ride at Paris' Walt Disney Studios similar to Dumbo or the Astro Orbiter.  It's called Les Tapis Volants - Flying Carpets Over Agrabah.  Here, guests spin around and can guide their ride vehicles up or down--all as the Genie barks directions.  It's not a bad ride, but it sort of symbolizes the short sightedness of Walt Disney Studios.  The ride doesn't maintain a consistent story--is it a movie shoot or actual flying carpets, and why is Genie acting as director anyway?  It's tucked in a corner, so there aren't really views to be enjoyed, and the facade behind the ride is just a regular painted wall.  The theming here is certainly not to par with typical Disney standards.  This could be in any amusement park that spent just a bit more money.

Oh well, such is the past.  It's just that the park still has to live with this.  But in any case, it's a featured attraction within Walt Disney studios, so here are a few pictures of the ride!

The fact that someone once thought this would be worthy of Fastpass seems laughable.

It's a fun ride with dual capacity compared to a ride like Disneyland's Dumbo.

Admittedly, flying around never really gets old.

Genie watches over all the action.


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