Toys in Luminous Color

We close out August with another installment of our Paint the Night series.  Continuing off the Little Mermaid segment, we transition into another modern classic, Toy Story!  Take a look at some photos of this fun parade unit as it makes its way through Disneyland.

Here comes the Toy Story portion! It's fronted by Jessie and some glowing ball twirling cowgirls.
It's a light filled rodeo!
Jessie stops to say hi. Note the "Disney Point!"

Next is Slink on a giant Lite Brite table!
He's so happy!
Slink serves as the vehicle for Woody and Buzz.
Why, there's Woody now!
The spinning light discs are pretty cool.
This is followed by a small Little Green Men float, with everyone's favorite Martians.
Spinning lights, in a parade!  OoooooooOOOOOOOoooooohhh!!


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