Icons Through the Trees

Shooting at Disneyland is always fantastic, but after a few years, I've inevitably gotten a little disinterested in the same scenes I've done before and am always looking for a new angle--even if it's from a place from which I've photographed previously!  Below is one such example, gazing out from Tarzan's Treehouse to the west side of Disneyland Park.  Here, two iconic components of the park--Splash Mountain and the Haunted Mansion, are in clear view, but depending on where atop the treehouse I take the photo, the results can be quite different.  Mix in using a telephoto versus a wide angle, and the time of year influencing sun angle, and just the conditions of the particular day, and some interesting variations can be obtained.  That's all part of the fun that is photography.  But sometimes, I do have to look a little harder than usual!

A glimpse of the Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain through the foliage of Tarzan's Treehouse.


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